Hybrid fjerbolde 1 dus. 125kr.

Hybrid fjerbolde 1 dus. 125kr.

Stykpris v/ 1 dus. 130,00 DKK 155,00 DKK

Stykpris v/ 5 dus. 125,00 DKK 155,00 DKK Stykpris v/ 10 dus. 120,00 DKK 155,00 DKK

NYHED fjerbold til Motionister mm, meget god holdbarhed. - Hastighed. Medium, slow kan skaffes.
Model/Varenr.: 4409-M/45
Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager, Ring
KÆMPE NYHEDBrand:,D'MANTISBadminton træningsboldeComposition hybrid skirtCork compositionHastighed 77D'MANTIS 45 VOLANTS HYBRID FEATHER Discover our new D'MANTIS 45 ruffles. After years of study and testing, the 3-in-1 shuttlecock made of cork + Nylon Modified + Natural Feather was born to give all the badists the unique experience of this revolutionary steering wheel. The production process is simplified and shortened which transforms the 26 original processes into just 6 processes, and the 30-day production cycle in just 3 minutes. The standard of qualification and the rate of use of the material are both improved, and the life of the product is prolonged. Through structural changes and the adoption of modified nylon backing, the durability of "3in1" of the MANTIS 45 badminton shuttlecock increases 2.5 times, and the qualifying standard increases by 35%, making the steering wheel more durable, stable and more accurate point of fall. Instead of traditional glue and string, D'MANTIS 45 saves 90% glue for more environmental protection and safety thanks to the use of Modified Nylon in the manufacturing process and can absorb and transfer the shock resistance with excellent elasticity. Designed on a computer, the angle and space between the slots are the same for better stability. The combination of Modified Nylon with quality feathers and a cork will give you the guarantee of a resistant, precise and stable badminton shuttlecock.